Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Kegel Exercises. the Key to Greater Vaginal Health and Better Sex?

Kegel exercises are specifically designed to engage and strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. By exercising this neglected area, a woman can strengthen the muscles of her vagina, leading to greater pleasure and sensation during intercourse. Once strengthened by regular kegel exercises, a woman can expect to have a tighter “grip” on her male partner. By incorporating regular kegel exercise into your daily routine, everyone wins!
What are pelvic floor muscles?
What are pelvic floor muscles? They are a set of muscles that support the pelvic organs such as the urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum.
Better sex through pelvic strength.
Why is it so important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Besides increasing circulation and enhancing overall vaginal and rectal health, exercising the pelvic floor increases your sexual performance. It makes it easier to achieve multiple orgasms and increases orgasm intensity and frequency. Who doesn’t want that?
Added benefits of kegel exercises.
Besides having better orgasms, there are some added benefits of doing kegel exercises for new or aspiring mothers:
    Protects the vagina by learning to relax and control the muscles for labor and delivery
    Sets the stage for a swifter postpartum recovery
    Helps vagina to regain tightness after childbirth
Let’s not forget older women. Kegel exercisers can benefit these women:
    Prepares the body for an easier menopause
    Improves vaginal wall thickness
    Increases natural lubrication
    Improves bladder control
How do you find your pelvic floor muscles?
    The next time you urinate, try to stop the flow of urine. The muscles in your vagina, bladder and anus tighten and move up. Congratulations-you found your pelvic floor muscle group!
How to do kegel exercises.
Kegel exercises are quite easy to do. Just squeeze your pelvic floor muscles tight at intervals of five seconds. Release to relaxation another five. Repeat. The sensation should feel similar to what it feels like when you stop urinating. Practice makes perfect. Continue these exercises until you can hold them for 10 seconds.
Heat up the bedroom with your kegel strength!
With your newfound vaginal strength, show your lover what you can do. During sex, you can also try to squeeze the pelvic floor muscles. Your partner should feel the muscles tighten and will thank you. Through regular practice with these exercises you’re sure to feel a heightened sensitivity and be able to achieve a greater orgasmic climax yourself.

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